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RAL Colors

The human eye distinguishes about ten million color shades. How can we tell exactly which color we mean? With RAL color charts!
Since 1927, RAL has created a uniform color language. Thanks to RAL, we have standardized, numbered and named the abundance of colors. These standards are easily understandable and applicable - worldwide.
Choose your colors out of RAL CLASSIC, RAL DESIGN and RAL EFFECT collections. They are designed to complement one another and are the ideal tools for optimum color design!
Download Dorn RAL Brochure for more information on our RAL color charts.
RAL E2 EFFECT Double Fan Deck
Price: $90.00   
RAL E3 EFFECT Single Fan Deck
Price: $55.00   
RAL K7 Fan Deck
Price: $23.00   

Dorn Color, Inc. is regarded as the industry expert in precise color matching, surface texture and unique finish reproduction.  Dorn Color is primarily a producer of color cards, fan decks, color chip charts, color pieces, product displays, color swatches and color system product samples.  In addition, Dorn Color has the ability to convert customer supplied material including vinyl, paper, plastics and leather into sample cards or sample books and decks.  Dorn uses a method which produces more accurate color matching than print.  To learn more about Dorn's precise color matching techniques, please visit Dorn's About Us page.

Dorn produces a variety of color collateral options for varying industries worldwide.  Dorn produces aggregate options for stucco, concrete, grout and mortar; fabric and leather options for automotive, textile, window coverings and furniture; plastic options for furniture, automotive and building products; woodgrain options for stains, furniture and windows and doors; paper and vinyl options for matte board, wall coverings and specialty paper; paint coatings for interior, exterior and industrial paint; special effects options including faux finishes, laminates, powder coverings, auto color matching with automotive finishes and metallic and pearlescent finishes as well as stainless and anodized finish options for plumbing, lighting fixtures and furniture.

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