About us


Katie Lyons joined the Dorn team in January 2020 as our Sales Administrator. She works diligently to help our Sales Team work quickly, accurately, and efficiently. She also greets customers on the phone when they call in to make sure they’re well taken care of.

Other times referred to as the “Master of Fun”, Katie is also responsible for many of the fun contests that have occurred within Dorn’s walls as of late; the most recent of which was our ever-suspenseful Rock Paper Scissors Tournament.

The best color to describe Katie is yellow, because it is bright, fun, sometimes over the top, and all-around exciting. Outside of the great work she does at Dorn, she also has a passion for teaching dance and working as a freelance photographer.

Some other interesting facts about Katie include her phobia of knees and her love for pizza. Her favorite artists include P!nk and Matchbox 20. She also has two cats; Nelsyn and Gracie.