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Adventure Comes to Dorn

Last Friday Dorn Color had a very special visitor, Tom Helbig, from Tomfoolery Outdoors. Tom is quite the adventurous spirit and brought his message of learning, growing and finding happiness through adventure to our associates.  

Tom Helbig has quite the resume of adventures. He has kayaked the Florida Keys, from Key Largo to Key West and back again catching fish and visiting smaller islands along the way. He has cycled across the United States, raising $10,000 for the Special Olympics in the process. He has also stand-up paddled boarded the length of the Great Miami River in Southwestern, Ohio. Recently Tom has embarked on a new adventure which he is calling Tomfoolery Side Hustle. The idea behind this project is that Tom will visit different places of employment to learn about the work and the people there while educating others about the positivity and happiness obtained through an adventurous lifestyle. 


So far Tom has worked in a kitchen for the homeless in Dayton, Ohio and an Autism School making Dorn his third Side Hustle and his first experience in a production environment.   

Tom spent last Friday experiencing the environment in our color lab at Dorn. While working with Ivis, one of our most experienced color-matchers, he learned the production process through which Dorn creates the paint used for all our color chips. Tom said that he came into the environment with an open mind and ready to learn. He noted that the first thing that struck him about the color lab was the overwhelming sense of community he felt. At lunchtime Tom conducted a Lunch and Learn with Dorn Associates sharing his adventures and stories while inspiring everyone in the room. Tom said that what surprised him most about his first experience in a production environment was how many people doing their jobs in the best way they can it took to make the color lab work.   


During our interview we did ask Tom the most important question we could ask him about his experience at Dorn, what was your favorite color? The answer: Caribbean Blue. Tom said this light blueish green reminded him of adventure and the ocean as well as his next upcoming project which happens to be in the Caribbean.  


You can follow all the other adventures Tom goes on by following Tomfoolery Outdoors on Facebook.

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