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Black Friday

Last Friday in the early hours of the morning 151 million Americans awoke from their turkey induced comas and began a pilgrimage that has become almost religious over the years. Like the original pilgrims these families were on a journey, not to find a new land to call their own, but to their local businesses to find a new television for their living room at an unbeatable price.  Black Friday has become a post Thanksgiving tradition, as American as pumpkin pie, to celebrate this quasi-holiday Thinking Color has decided to take a look at how color influences retail.

As the vast Thinking Color research staff looked into this topic for us some of the data they collected was quite surprising. For instance bubble-gum pink emerged as a very effective marketing color in a retail space. Psychological research suggests that pink slows down the endocrine system and creates a relaxed feeling. Other data suggests that relaxed consumers are more likely to ease up on their wallets.

(Rare photo of the Thinking Color research staff hard at work. Circa 1923 Colorized)  

Another effective retail color that was quite surprising to our team was orange.  Studies have shown that consumers relate orange to feelings of fairness and affordability.


As the trend of eco minded consumerism continues to grow so does the effectiveness of green in retail. Consumers associate green with freshness, peace and health. Darker greens can also stimulate feelings of affluence especially in male consumers.


Reds seem to be a mixed bag when it comes to retail. Traditionally red is the color of the sale. Red can be associated with value and savings but can also stop consumers in their tracks, like a stop sign. Marketing research has shown that in the modern retail environment red can cause consumers to contemplate their purchases rather than simply handing over their cash.


After you have burned off that Thanksgiving feast in the shopping bonanza you might start to see yellow. Yellow communicates energy and has been shown to increase appetite in consumers.


Thinking Color hopes you had a successful black Friday and next time you are out shopping pay attention to how those colors are influencing your decisions. 


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