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Blue Cities

There are many colorful cities across the world, but it is not often you find a town that is completely blue. Thinking Color has recently discovered two such towns, one in India and one in Spain. Although the colors of these cities are spectacular the stories of how they got that way are just as amazing.

Jodhpur, India is an ancient city in the Western state of Rajasthan. The brilliant blue that coats almost every building in the city is a reminder of the caste system that controlled India for centuries. The Brahmins, the upper class of the caste system painted their houses in royal blue to differentiate their homes from those of their “lower class” neighbors. Overtime the lower caste fought back in a small act of rebellion by painting their homes royal blue as well. Eventually the entire town including the Mehrangarh fort was royal blue. Today it is said that the blue paint helps keeps the homes of the town cool as well as protecting them from termites.


Unlike Jodhpur, a blue city rooted in history, Juzcar, Spain is a blue city rooted in a ridiculous promotional stunt. Juzcar, Spain has a rich history stretching back to the Roman Empire. The town was abandoned during the Spanish Civil War in the 1930’s and never fully returned to it’s former glory. In 2011 Sony Pictures approached the few remaining citizens of the town with a crazy idea, Sony wanted to paint the entire town smurf blue as a promotional stunt for their upcoming film. The citizens reluctantly agreed hoping that the stunt might give the dying town a new shot at life. 1,100 gallons of smurf blue paint was poured on the town creating a real-life smurf village. After the promotion ended Sony offered to paint the town back to the original whitewash. The citizens of the town who had seen tourist traffic rise from 300 people a year to 80,000 in six months voted to leave their town blue.  

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