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Celebrating the Color Brown

hanksgiving is a special day in the United States. Families across the country gather to celebrate those people, accomplishments, situations, and things for which they are thankful for in the year past. However, Thanksgiving is unusual for one specific reason, it is quite possibly the only holiday based entirely on the color brown.

Traditionally, brown is an underrated color family. If you were to ask someone what comes to mind when they think of the color brown they would almost certainly answer mud. Here at Thinking Color though we believe that all colors deserve their chance in the spotlight, even the ugly ones. So as we celebrate Thanksgiving Thinking Color is going to take a minute to celebrate the color brown and show how this color weaves an unassuming auburn pattern throughout your family feast.

Lets begin with the star of the show the bird. Even before that Turkey makes its way to your table it is sporting plumage, which could best be described as mansard. No matter how you prefer your bird cooked the end result is a vibrant shade of brown. Roasted turkeys sport a light yellowish brown when finished while baked turkeys turn a brilliant shade of reddish-brown

Next we come to the grain and starch section of our feast of browns. We all know that rolls should be a golden tan color. However, here at Thinking Color we believe honesty is the best policy and to be honest we know that this is usually not the case. More often than not those rolls turn out a shade of what we can only describe as burnt umber after Aunt Kathy finishes her third glass of wine and forgets about them in the oven. Another staple of Thanksgiving are the potatoes usually served in a mashed form. Now you are probably thinking to yourself, mashed potatoes are white. This is true however; the potato comes to us in raw form as an earthy light brown and once mashed is topped with a glossy coat of brown gravy.


When it comes to the vegetables adorning your fest you have to look a bit harder for the browns but they are there. I think we can all agree that stuffing, in this particular application can be considered a vegetable. Stuffing, of course, is held together by lovely brown bread crumbs.  Green bean casserole is another staple of Thanksgiving dinner and is topped with delicious golden brown onion rings. 


We finish our feast and our celebration of the color brown with the most important color of all the orange-brown of pumpkin pie.


Here at Dorn Color we are thankfully for all we have been blessed with in 2016 and we hope you are as well. Here’s to a prosperous 2017! 

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