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Color Saves the Guac

The Super-Bowl is right around the corner and no Super-Bowl party is complete without the most delicious of all dips, Guacamole. Before you begin mashing up those delicious yellow-green fruits there is one challenge you must overcome, how to pick a ripe one.


We have probably all had to take a last minute trip to the store because the avocados we need an hour before our guests are to arrive have either gone bad or are not ripe enough. Luckily, a New Zealand produce company has used color to take the guess work out of picking the perfect avocado. Recently, Freshmax has begun selling their avocados with a  helpful color-chart sticker that indicates the freshness of the fruit.


It would appear that the really winner of the Super-Bowl this year is going to be the Avocado loving public who has been saved by this creative use of color!  

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