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Dia De los Muertos

As Halloween ends another celebration begins, Dia De los Muertos. Dia De los Muertos is a traditional Mexican holiday celebrating ancestors that have passed into the next life. Families across Mexico and through the diaspora to pray and offer material and spiritual support to their deceased family. The highlight of the celebration occurs around the graves of deceased family members where the living decorate the graves and leave offerings of the deceased's favorite foods, drinks, and trinkets. The centerpiece of the decorated graves is an altar constructed of various items of cultural significance to the mexican people. These alters have their own color palette where each colored item represents a certain meaning to the holiday.

The main color scheme of the alters consists of purple, pink, white, orange, red, and yellow.

Purple represents the pain, mourning and grief surrounding the loss of a loved one.

Pink represents the celebration of the deceased's life.

White represents the purity of the deceased and the hope they have found peace.

Orange represents the life giving powers of the sun and rebirth.

Red represents blood that gives life to all living things.

Yellow is the most important color in the Dia De los Muertos celebration. This is the color of the Cempazuchitl marigold that represents death in Mexican culture. The petals of these flowers are laid out in paths to help the dead find their way home.

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