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Dubai Miracle Gardens

Dubai is often associated with towering skyscrapers and oceans of shifting sand dunes. However, on the outskirts of an upscale residential district is a bold attempt to make the desert bloom. The aptly named Dubai Miracle Gardens is the largest natural flower garden in the world covering 72,000 square meters with a colorful carpet of 109 million flowers.


The gardens were first established on Valentine's Day 2013 and have grown by multiples in the years since. The first 21,000 square feet of garden were used as a test due to the uncertainty of the projects viability. At the height of summer the gardens are still forced to closes as the flowers bake in the desert sun.


It is not an easy task to keep all these colorful flowers thriving in the desert, as the gardens consume a whooping 200,000 gallons of water a day. To keep up with this monstrous demand a unique wastewater recycling system has been devised to keep the flowers thriving on drip irrigation.


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