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Guadi Is Lighting Up the World with Color

Gaudi is Lighting up the World with Color

Thinking Color is about bring you to one of the most spectacular structures being built that is almost (after 135 years and 9 to go) about to be done. And trust us; if you’re not amazed by this then, come on, you need to set your standards lower.

An artistic genius and devoted creator, Antonio Guadi made colorful structures like La Sagrada Familia his life. Gaudi devoted 40 years alone to La Sagrada Familia knowing that it would never be finished in his lifetime. With no detail missed, Guadi carefully planned out every aspect of La Sagrada Familia with nature and faith in mind. While you could study this structure for longer than it’s taken to build, Thinking Color is going to focus on the stain glass windows because they’re a new level of color breakthrough.

For each artistic and structural decision there is a how, when, and why. On the side of the façade of Jesus’ birth there are stain glass windows with hues of blue, green, and gold which shine in as the sun is rising and they are the most prominent in the morning. Gaudi wanted to portray the joy of the birth of Jesus through these colors. On the opposing side on the façade side of the Passion there are red, orange, and gold stain glass windows lining it expressing the emotion from the Passion. Just one of the many incredible feats that he planned out, Gaudi laid out the stain glass colors strategically with relation to how the sun would rise and set each day and in turn affect the colors that came from them.

“Color in certain places has the great value of making the outlines and structural planes seem more energetic.”

-Antonio Gaudi

With no detail left undone, this will be (and is already even with it being unfinished) one of the most immense and spectacular artistic structures built. This structure is set to be completed in 2026, which will be the 100th anniversary of Gaudi’s death. We’re telling you now; La Sagrada Familia is where you’re going to want to be in 2026.

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