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Happy Birthday Hubble

This week marks two celebrations that give us a chance to take a look at the world around us in an unusual and colorful way. This sunday is Earth Day, a day which celebrates the world around us and encourages us to take care of our environment. Today marks another occasion the anniversary of the launch of the hubble telescope a scientific endeavor that seeks to discover more about the universe around our planet.

In honor of the anniversary of this spunky orbiting camera Thinking Color decided to find some of the colorful images the Hubble telescope has brought to us over it’s decades of hard work.




The Hubble was launched in 1990 and has taken 1.3 million images since then. These images have proven many scientific theories including the existence of black holes. The images have also given us a new insight into the formation of planets and the life cycle of stars.


As important as this scientific information is to our understanding of the universe  it is nice to take a moment to appreciate the beautiful array of colors that surround us.

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