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How Much Does a Color Card Cost?

How Much Does a Color Card Cost?

The answer is …… depends!  Color cards are quoted custom to each customer’s needs.  In 2020, Dorn produced color cards ranging in price from $0.24 to $9.88 per card.  Among the factors that affect the price are:

  • # of colors to match- the higher number of colors, the higher the cost
  • type of colors – metallic, specialty finish colors will be more expensive
  • Size of print , number of versions , type of print – both sides? UV?
  • Finishing and packaging – shrinkwrap? paperband? Loopstitch?
  • Quantity

Dorn’s sales associates can show you different types of cards at different price points all designed to help you sell your product to your customers.  Using a color card in the selling process, generates additional interest in your product and gives your sales team an engagement tool to help close the sale.    With the accurate color represented on the card, your post sale customer satisfaction with color selection will be high.

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