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Miami Beach

In Thinking Color’s continued attempts to avoid having to think about winter this week we are off to sunny Miami! The Miami Beach Historic District is not just famous for its distinctive art deco architecture but also its vivid color scheme.


Art Deco is an artform that began to sweep France in years before the first world war. Americans returning home after this conflict were inspired by what they had seen in Europe and began applying it to their professions in the states.


Art Deco as a form is defined by the intent to be modern and separate from more classical styles of art and design. To separate itself from the old styles art deco employed vivid colors, curved lines, and asymmetry.


When the new resort town of Miami Beach began to be built in the early 1920’s Art Deco was at its height in the united states. The architects who designed the hotels along the beach began to outdo each other with who could produce the most modern and flamboyant designs. The result is a brilliant splash of bright pastels along the Florida coast.



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