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Some Colorful Facts About American History

With a major election and Veteran’s Day both happening in a single week Thinking Color decided that it would be appropriate to honor this occasion with some colorful patriotic trivia!

 During the first major battle of the Civil War at Manassas, Virginia mass confusion was caused by the fact that both the Union and Confederate armies were clad in blue uniforms since the confederates had not yet adopted their butternut uniforms.  

The colors of the American flag each have a specific meaning. White represents purity and innocence. Red represents toughness and valor. Blue represents justice and perseverance.


Yellow ribbons are used to show support for family serving in the military.  This tradition was derived from the yellow neckerchiefs popular with cavalrymen in the late 19th century  and become ubiquitous during the Vietnam war. 


The color that repesented the long forgotten Whig political party was buff. 


Although the line infantry of the Continental army during the revolution wore blue and white uniforms many provincial and militia units wore green and black. This allowed these irregular units to hide amongst their surroundings a fact the British redcoats, or “lobsters”, detested. 


The green of U.S. currency was not deliberately chosen but was the result of a abundance in the availability of green ink in the 1920’s.  


General George Patton once designed a uniform for his new tank corps that was mostly pink. Unfortunately, no photo of these unusual uniforms survives.   


Thank you to all have served from Dorn Color! 

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