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Summer Colors Had Me A Blast

When the temperatures start to rise, so do the number of hues we see in nature. From flowers to clouds to, yes, even ice, summer is a time that brings out some of the best colors in the world.  Thinking Color is going to take you around the world this week to show you that ice cream isn’t the only colorful thing worth seeking out in the summer.

Rainbows are a common color phenomenon in nature but have you ever heard of Fire Rainbows? Also known to scientists as circumhorizontal arcs, these spectacles light up the sky with intense color. This occurs when ice halos are formed by hexagonal ice crystals in high level cirrus clouds. Take the time to look to the sky this summer as you never know what it has in store!

If flowers are more your style, Mount Rainier National Park is where you’ll want to head. Located in Washington, this park is home to hundreds of colorful wildflowers that blanket the area with beauty during summertime. With hues of red, pink, blue, purple, yellow, orange, and white, it’s safe to say this park is a sight for sore eyes.


Looking like a science experiment taking over the forest, Firefox is known as one of the weirdest summer phenomenon. These green glowing bundles of mushroom grow on moist, rotting bark. This occurs in late summer mainly in a forest near Sao Paulo, Brazil.  Lighting up the forest with glowing green, this is a color phenomenon that’s hard to miss.


If cold weather is your preference, you’ll want to visit Eisriesenwelt ice caves in Eisriesenwelt, Austria. This cave is filled with blue ice that might be better than a beach with crystal blue water. From late-spring to mid-autumn this blue wonder is more than a cool site – it’s a frozen wonder. If you have the time, watch the one minute video on Eisriesenwelt’s website that takes you through the caves. It will make you want to grab your suitcase (and maybe some blankets, too) and book a ticket to see it in person.


With nature in full bloom during these warm (or in Austria’s case, cold) months, it’s hard to miss the colorful spectacles happening around the world. Nothing can beat the color palette of Mother Nature, right?

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