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February 19, 2016 Some Color Driven Local Art

An emerging artist, originally from right next door in Akron, recently caught our attention here at Dorn.  Andrew Faris produces a unique body of work using acrylic paint and canvas. From this medium bold primary colors appear on rigid geometric shapes. His work is quite large usually measuring around three feet in length and width. The aspect of his work that first caught our attention was the similarity that the pieces bore to color chips, and the choice of bold highly saturated colors from a vast pallet really sparked our imaginations.


Work of this power and magnitude would usually dominate a gallery setting on its own. However, Faris has found a unique way to separate his work from that of his modern art contemporaries. Now a resident of Jackson Wyoming, Faris photographs his brilliant pieces in the natural landscape that surrounds him. The bold colors and hard lines contrast spectacularly with the organic and earth tone surroundings. Neon green, fire engine red, and bright orange shapes are juxtaposed against the fading browns and greens of the Wyoming foothills. Pink squares and baby blue rectangles, the shades of which could never been found in nature, are pictured against snow capped mountains. 


Faris’ work is a true departure from much of the color driven art we have seen lately and completely fascinating. Do yourself a favor and go check out: We promise it will be time well spent.