For over 80 years, Dorn Color has been providing the custom color sampling tools that help companies to grow their sales. Dorn produces a wide range of color samples to a variety of industries worldwide.

Dorn is a producer of color cards, fan decks, color chip charts, color swatches and much more. Dorn also has the ability to convert customer supplied material like vinyl, paper, plastics and leather into sample cards or sample books and decks.
A printing process can be suitable for communicating color options in certain non-critical applications. When color replication needs to be accurate, a process like Dorn’s allows for precise color communication. Dorn will match customer supplied color standards in nitrocellulose lacquer paint. We then coat the paint into sheet form. These sheets are then converted into chips (or die cut chips) for mounting onto print to produce a color selector. Quality procedures ensure the final sample has color accurately reflecting the product.
Better color accuracy since each color is matched and processed one at a time. Depth of color – our inventory of pigments used in matching your colors is extensive allowing the most accurate color match. Chips that don’t blend into the printed piece but pop out drawing the consumers eye. Ability to add texture to chip, imitating the look and feel of product like cement or grout. Exotic colors such as metallics or multi-step printing with results that can’t be achieved with print. Multiple options for presentation with one color match - color cards, fan decks, chips, striped cards and more.
Today's consumers look for options that fit their needs with each purchase. Offering color options is important and Dorn can provide the marketing material to help consumers buy your product. Dorn works within an extensive field of pigments, giving you the most accurate color match and texture. Markets Dorn services include grout, mortar, stucco, contract and office furnishings, automotive and industrial products. Products typically converted into a color selector are paper, contract wall coverings and industrial fabrics.
The chipping process is like conventional printing in that there is certain inevitable set-up costs that are required regardless of the quantity ordered. Naturally, as the quantity produced increases, the impact of the set-up and unit costs decreases.
Quoting a color chart is relatively simple. It can be broken down into three parts: printing, chipping, and finishing. Chipping is the unique part of the process; critical data would include the number and size of desired color chips and what kind of finishes. Dorn has the ability to recreate solid and metallic finishes, various types of textures, as well as wood grains. It is important to know the types of finishes to be reproduced to accurately estimate the job and select the proper chip substrate. As far as printing and finishing specifics go, it would be no different than any other print job. You may wish to consult with your Dorn Color sales representative on proper print stock selection based on the chipping requirements. Lastly, the quantity is always needed. Other types of sampling and color collateral will be more involved and we suggest you contact your Dorn Color sales representative for assistance.
Dorn can typically match almost anything supplied as a standard. It may be a drawdown of the particular finish or it could be the actual product. If there are questions on the suitability of a customer supplied material for matching, please consult with your Dorn Color sales representative.
Color cards typically take 6-8 weeks to produce once the art and standards are received. Other types of color collateral; and sampling will vary. It is always a good idea to consult with your Dorn Color sales representative to determine any scheduling constraints.
Yes, simply contact one of our sales representatives and describe what you would like to achieve within your budget. Our experienced sales team will work with production and graphic design teams to create a project within your budget that exceeds expectations.
Yes we do. Please contact our sales team at (216) 634-2252 where all your questions and concerns can be answered. We look forward to hearing from you.
Dorn has a number of strengths you won't find at other companies. We are a privately held company which means quick decision making and the flexibility to meet customer needs. You won't find a stronger color matching team. We have over 90% approval rate for their first match submitted to clients. Our turnaround time and customer service are two of the reasons so many of our clients work with us year after year.
After we have an order, the work starts by us receiving your color standards and artwork. We verify your artwork meets the contract and give you a chance to make changes before we go to the color proofing stage. Once you approve the color proof, we prepare the print. Simultaneously, we send you the color matches for approval.
Because each order is unique (number of colors, finishes, etc) we would need to discuss how quickly we could produce your order. In general, a typical color card might take 6 weeks to produce. We have produced cards in as little as two weeks as well. We have options to offer you a quick turnaround, contact a member of our sales team today.
Dorn has experience in a wide range of industries including: automotive, office and home furniture, cosmetics, powder coatings, architectural coatings, metal buildings, grout and mortar, stucco, concrete, industrial coatings, trucks, rvs, motorcycles, windows, gutters, garage doors, kitchen and bathroom fixtures, flooring, wood stains and decks, window coverings, tiles, specialty paper and matboard, plastic, steel, pigment, and many more.
Metamerism is matching colors with different color spectral distributions or in other words, insuring that colors look the same under different light sources.
Dorn’s color matching materials and processes allow you to take advantage of high volume discounts since the colors will remain stable for three years (if products are kept out of direct sunlight). If your question has not been answered, we ask you to contact us at (216) 634-2252, or fill out our “Contact Us” form on our Contact Us page, and we will be happy to answer any question or concern you may have. Thank you.