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RAL P1 and P2 are also available as a complete set of 100 classical colors plus 200 design color plates in plastic. 300 design options for precise color communication and innovative products. RAL P2 contains 160 opaque and 40 special, transparent colors. Together with the 100 classic shades within RAL P1 the RAL PLASTICS color standard now comprises 300 color samples. Each color is also available as a single plate. The RAL PLASTICS color samples are multi-functional and offer many benefits in practice. Three different surface textures and three different material thicknesses give users a realistic impression of how the colors will look when used with different material applications.

Polypropylene was intentionally chosen for RAL PLASTICS. It is a mass-produced plastic that is used in many finished products because of its balanced properties and excellent value for money. In addition to its technical characteristics, this plastic is easy to use for a wide variety of manufacturing procedures, and is also compatible with numerous dyes. With the introduction of RAL PLASTICS the inaccuracies, that were often unfortunate by-products of the old method of translating RAL paint samples into plastics colors, now belong to the past. This means that plastics manufacturers and plastics processors can now save time, costs and raw materials.

Color plates’ format: 10.5 × 14.8 × 0.3 cm

Material: polypropylene

Three levels of thickness – 0.3 cm, 0.2 cm and 0.1 cm – show each color at different levels of opacity

Three different surface textures – high gloss polished, VDI 24 and VDI 42 – show users the color dependent on surface roughness

The protective sleeve for each RAL P1 PLASTICS sample contains master batch code, color metric measures, absolute values, reflectance curve, distance to the plastics original standard


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