For over 90 years, Dorn Color has been providing the samples and marketing tools companies need to make their sales grow. Dorn produces a wide range of color samples to a variety of industries worldwide.

Our Philosophy

At the heart, Dorn is still the entrepreneurial company that started in 1926. Dorn's core values still drive the company today. Dorn openly welcomes challenging projects from clients and pays precise attention to the unique requirements of each client.

Dorn thrives on its expertise to help clients sell more. This is why we are certain our custom samples set you apart from competitors and help your customers make confident purchasing decisions. With our capability, industry leading technology and expertise, Dorn delivers "Samples that Sell!"®

We look forward to working with you.

Our Core Values

EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE. At Dorn, we like going the extra mile. Nothing beats the feeling of success and accomplishment when a client is thrilled with their order and the quality of service they received. Dorn thrives everyday in keeping its values in line with its priorities, with focus on its customers and employees.

INNOVATION. Innovation starts with a company's employees and works its way through the organization. At Dorn, we believe our employees make a difference. With innovative minds, industry leading technology, creativity, and expertise within the field, innovation has been essential for Dorn's success since 1927.

FLEXIBILITY. The key to handling change is flexibility. Dorn excels at managing change. Each client is assigned a project manger who oversees their project from purchase order to shipping. Our project managers are adept at handling changes in a way that produces positive results for both parties.

ENVIRONMENTAL CONSCIOUSNESS. Dorn offers a range of eco-friendly options for clients with inks, papers, and finishes that are environmentally friendly. In addition Dorn is continually reviewing our corporate practices and working to respect the environment in our processes in order to reduce our net effect to our environment.

ANTICIPATION OF CUSTOMER NEEDS. Every client is unique. Dorn realizes and treats every client with the respect and care they deserve while focusing on the unique aspects of their projects. We use our expertise in recommending solutions, so clients have the best possible experience and results.