The human eye distinguishes about ten million color shades. How can we tell exactly which color we mean? With RAL color charts! Since 1927, RAL has created a uniform color language. Thanks to RAL, we have standardized, numbered and named the abundance of colors. These standards are easily understandable and applicable - worldwide. Choose your colors out of RAL CLASSIC, RAL DESIGN and RAL EFFECT collections. They are designed to complement one another and are the ideal tools for optimum color design!

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Colors for Hotels
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RAL 840-HR Single Shade Card
RAL 841-GL Single Shade Card
RAL Color Dictionary
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RAL Color Feeling
RAL Color of Health & Care
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RAL D2 Design Fan Deck
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RAL D4 Design Atlas
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RAL D8 Design Fan Deck Box
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RAL F9 Color Card
RAL K1 Booklet
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RAL K4 Single Sheets
RAL K5 Fan Deck
RAL K7 Fan Deck
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