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COLORS OF HEALTH & CARE presents 120 current terms from the health care sector and their color translation into the RAL DESIGN System. On the one hand, the work considers the Colors of Health and Care regarding color theoretical-artistic aspects, and on the other hand with an analytical-scientific approach and serves as planning aid for a patient-friendly, effective, humane-aesthetic color design for all fields of the health care system: the practice, hospital or rehabilitation center, the hotel, retirement home or living-at-home at old age.

The author Axel Venn is professor for design and color design and has developed the creative basis fort his book. He lives in Berlin and enjoys international recognition as color and design consultant as well as trend scout.

This fan deck shows the 120 most important colors of the research work “Colors of Health & Care“. In addition to the RAL codes, all colors have a name and a number indicating their popularity and design-related applicability.

The sequence of the color pages is in accordance with the design principles of harmony, balance and similarity. For design purposes, each color is provided four times as tear-off element.

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