We take our sports seriously in this city and if you are our lucky winner you are no doubt excited to be in the same city as the legendary King James and his Cavaliers. Unfortunately, we must inform you that they are currently on vacation. Fear not though, for we have another sports team with a colorful name whose season is just getting started, the Browns.

Now if you have recovered from the overwhelming excitement, you may be asking yourself, who name a sports team after a color and not just any color but brown? The answer: the great people of the city of Cleveland. The unusual name was the product of a fan contest geld by owner Mickey McBride in 1945 with brown being the most popular submission. However, this is where the facts end, and the conjecture begins.

There are two competing theories as to the origin of the name. The first theory is that the name is to honor the first coach and general manager of the Browns, Paul Brown. The second theory suggests that the name was in homage to the Brown Bomber, Joe Lewis, whose boxing exploits were sweeping the nation at the time of the contest.

Without a doubt Clevelanders will argue about the true origin of the Browns name for generations to come. What is not in doubt is the city's love for their less than successful football team.

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