This week in Thinking Color we are sharing a story about good old-fashioned problem solving. Here at Dorn, we use over eighteen different types of substrates to produce our color chips to the most exact standards for our customers. Although each of these substrates has their own unique characteristics when lacquer is applied to them, they can often appear indistinguishable from one another when viewed before application. This fact recently caused one of our associates quite the headache when they happened upon a large pile of the material that had mistakenly been mixed together. Ever conscious of reducing waste the associate knew they had to sort the substrate rather than simply recycling it. But how do you sort materials that look so similar?

Like many solutions to complex problems the answer was simple yet ingenious, using the often-overlooked blacklight feature on the light booth in our color lab the true identity of the substrates became instantly clear.

With a bit of shuffling the problem is solved!

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