Color and Finish and Style – Oh My!

Why should companies invest in high quality color cards?  A recent study shows that 52% of people said their impression of a product is more positive after receiving company branded samples, and almost 50% said they use those materials to make their buying decisions.

The quality of your product sampling reveals a lot about your company and the products you offer.  High quality precisely matched color cards and fan decks of your options show customers that quality is important to your company and the samples you offer will reflect this.

Sometimes companies large and small fail to see the strategic value in high quality product sampling and may turn to a less accurate digital print or show color options on line.  Cell phone and monitor differences along with digital printing color accuracy limitation can cause customer confusion and disappointment.

Providing color accurate samples will show your customers that quality matters to your company – both in your marketing and your products.

If your products have options that influence buying decisions, I can help create and engaging client buying experience for you.  Let’s see what’s possible!

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