As the sun sets in the summer across North America small pinpoints of green light begin to dot the landscape. North America is home to dozens of different species of fireflies that put on a colorful light show each night during their mating season. However, in the Great Smoky Mountains there's one particular species of firefly whose light show is a bit more colorful and different than the rest.

The Great Smoky Mountain range in the eastern United States is home to a particular species of firefly that flashes in synchronization. Where most firefly species have a particular pattern of flashing specific to the male and females this species lights up the woods in perfect intervals. For two weeks each summer the dark of night is broken by pulsating green orbs slowly becoming brighter then dying away at an equal speed.

Scientists do not know why this particular firefly is able to coordinate their light show, but the results are fantastic.

Link to a video of the fireflies in action:

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