This week Thinking Color takes a break from our regularly scheduled color programing to bring you a step-by-step guide to winning the Dorn Color pumpkin decorating being held this week. Each department can enter up to two pumpkins. The pumpkins cannot be carved but can be painted, glued or bedazzled with whatever you can find within your department. Since Thinking Color is based out of our color-matching department we are feeling very confident in our entry.

STEP ONE: Select your victim....... I mean pumpkin.

STEP TWO: Dunk pumpkin in a drum of flat white lacquer.

STEP THREE: Select s sheet of green paper. Use a razor knife to cut out a grass shaped outline.

STEP FOUR: Cover your hand in perylene red pigment.

STEP FIVE: Apply pigment covered hand to pumpkin.

STEP SIX: Apply flat white to finger.

STEP SEVEN: Draw face, eyes, and mouth

STEP EIGHT: Add grass crown.

And now you have everyone's favorite volleyball character and a winning pumpkin.

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